Freelancing for Fun and Profit

How to analyze a publication:

Look for writer’s guidelines:

Markets and Ideas:

Try trade magazines –

Other resources:

Generating Ideas:

press releases –

Digging for Information

Level III Reporting – What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong

Either outline your own story, or use one of the press releases found here or at one of the sites above to outline a story by:

I. Listing the facts you will take from the press release

II. Brainstorming about where you can get additional background

Listing people you might interview

Listing some possible questions for them

III. If applicable, list some possible consequences or other Level III-type information

Here is the slideshow on gathering information.


Here are the slides on interviewing. Please take the time to examine some of the interview examples and information links more closely.

Here is more information on interviewing.

Lead Writing:

Online Job Boards

Content Marketing vs. Blogging

Here are some basic instructions on starting a WordPress blog.

Guest Blogging Opportunities

A big list

Contests and Places to Publish Essays –

Real Simple:

Essay Mama:


Blog Post from The Write Life:

How to subcribe to’s Special Deadlines Issue:


The Business of Freelancing


Shaw Guides List of Writing Conferences

ASJA Conference

Writer’s Digest List

The Write Life List

Another Listing

Options Nearby

University of Missouri – Columbia

St. Louis Writers Guild

Other Resources

Writing and Money Podcast

More on Self-Publishing

On Income

Freelancers and Sites I Referenced in Class

Carol Tice (and here’s her other site)

Nicole Dieker

Jenna Glatzer

Linda Formichelli (and here’s her other site)

Kelly James-Enger (and here’s her other site)





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